5 Tibetan Yoga 100 day Challenge

This challenge was initiated by fellow yoga teacher Paulette Egan of Sports Yoga centre in Clonlara. The 5 Tibetans was the first real practice of Yoga I began, I had attended a yoga class for 2 yr priors to travelling to Australia in 2003. Up to my introduction to the 5 Tibetans I only did yoga in that once weekly class and had no clue about how to start a home practice. To only do yoga once a week is to my mind like brushing your teeth only once a wk, its better than not at all!

The 5 Tibetans as i learned it came from Tibetan monks and is 5 yoga poses repeated for 7 times, progressing to 14 and finally the optimum 21. Other teachers may have learned some slight differences. For example I learned that after each set of poses you take 3 deep Tibetan Yoga Breaths others learned 2. Then Paulette introduced me to in 2011 in affirmations that are paired with each pose and i found this enhanced benefits of this practice.

As Paulette put it “The plan is to improve the energy worldwide,so we need to get spinning at all corners of the globe.” As Gandi says be the change you want to see in the world” and the age old adage “As within so with out ”

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Aerobic exercise fasted versus unfasted

Interesting research showing fasted or nonfasted aerobic exercise results no real difference in results! Some advocate intermittent fasting & exercise to accelerate weight loss yet this research shows no real difference. Personally its easier to have a quick run prior to breakfast as no digestion time required so its a time management convenience.

Read the article here 1st Research on Fasted versus non fasted Aerobic exercise

Vitamin D TopUp

The most important thing you can do if you live in Ireland, England or latitudes above these is supplement your vitamin D levels. Simply you can take a holiday or if this is not possible take a Vitamin D supplement, or cod liver oil capsule or eat plenty other natural sources such as eggs.

Blue lamps and light bulbs are available to install in your home for aide you body to adjust to the last of light. Simple things like getting out for a walk at lunch time with no sunblock on your face or makeup. I look forward to hearing how you get yours 🙂