Integrated Health Management

Our approach is to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health. A lot of people in western society continuously hand over the authority for their own health and well-being over to health care practitioners. We have got to take responsibility for our own bodies.

Pain is an indicator that we are out of balance within our being. When you place your hand near a hot stove your feel pain. What is your response (a.) you can pull your hand back or (b.) continue and get hurt. Disease is when we are ill at ease within ourselves.

Our responsibility to our health means our ability to respond to what is going on in our bodies. Signs and symptoms are a clue to the causative nature of the dysfunction. Health Care Practitioners are helpful in giving people advice and to help restore the body back to homeostasis (its natural state of balance). However the success of the treatment rely your ability to respond and make the required lifestyle changes.

Hippocrates stated:
�The body heals itself; the physician is only nature�s assistant�

We can divide health into three simple categories:
� Brimming with Health and Vitality
� Not Sick
� Sick

Frequently people experience an existence between sick and not sick and on occasion reach the heights of brimming with health and vitality. What is proposed here using integrated health management is to have an existence brimming with health and vitality. Naturally life�s challenges may knock you off balance. With the help of your health care practitioners you can quickly find this balance again.

Prevention is better than cure. A maintenance program of complementary therapies and a healthy lifestyle are excellent steps to maintain high levels of health and vitality. Modern stresses and lifestyles can play havoc on ability of your body to find its own natural balance. Now is time to be proactive not reactive.

In relation to acute conditions the quicker you attend a health care practitioner the quicker you body returns to a state of balance. Do not delay. Take proactive action.

The ranges of therapies offered in Kincora Therapy Centre are excellent tools to help your body find its balance. On offer is a holistic and relaxing approach. Outside of our range of expertise there are many other excellent forms of complimentary therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy, reflexology, homeopathy and many more. The key to integrated health management is finding what works for you individually.

Kincora Therapy Centre understands that the health of its customers is paramount, and can contribute to their overall wellness through the provision CranioSacral Therapy, The Bowen Technique, Physical Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Hypnosis and Soundwave Bed. A well-being is a well mind a well body and a well soul.