Unnata® Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga

Unnata Aerial Yoga Classes Available now at Kincora therapy.  Using the soft support aerial hammock to help your explore, fine tune and further traditional asana’s in the air and on the ground.

The focus of Unnata® Aerial Yoga is not aerial acrobatics yet an evolution of traditional yogic teachings. Using Gravity realign your body, centre your mind and free your spirit.

Unnata Aerial Yoga was born of Michelle Dortignac’s 20+ years of yogic teaching, meditation practice, and movement and aerial arts performance. Michelle has trained hundreds of experienced and passionate certified yoga instructors to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga including my instructor Monste Soldevila.  I undertook my training at Happy Yoga in Parafrugell in Girona, Spain.  Prior to Unnata training I undertook and Introductory Level training with Tara who comes from the Antigravity Yoga School who’s founder was orginally trained by Michelle Dortignac.

Watch this video :   https://vimeo.com/182106993/

Orla Foley has trained extensively as Level I and Level II Unnata aerial yoga teacher in 2015, 2017 and 2018.  Adding supplemenatary training courses in restorative and flow aerial yoga.

Please read and print attached disclaimer before attending class KTC Unnata Aerial Yoga disclaimer Waiver

Please read attached research by ACE showing the exercise benefits of a 50 minute Unnata Aerial Yoga ACE Research 2015

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