Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a natural, DRUG FREE FORM OF TREATMENT that utilises many therapeutic approaches including myofasical techniques and MET. For many, it provides a drug and surgery free solution to long-standing pain including back pain and muscle related problems. It is a hand on approach that ranges from trigger point release to gentle stretching. Physical therapy works in conjunction with conventional
medical treatment and is based on the principles of anatomy and physiology.

Your first consultation begins with a complete history taking and assessment to identify the problem areas and causes The number of treatments required will depend on the many factors, the condition itself, the length of the time the problem exists and your individual reaction to the treatment. often the initial treatment is followed by some discomfort, but this is generally a sign of progress. As part of the comprehensive treatment clients may be shown exercises to
speed recovery and prevent recurrence. Clients are also advised as to alterations they should make to their lifestyle and precautions to be taken.

Conditions treated: sports, injuries, back pain, neck and whiplash problems, shoulder problems, stress related conditions, tension headaches and joint strains.