Homecare Tips

Epsom Salts Baths

Have epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) bath to aid the effectiveness of your treatment. Add 4-5 mugs of salts to warm bath, (add an essential oil you previously used in a bath), Drink 1 pint of water before during and after and soak in bath for minimum of 20 mins ideally longer.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wraps

Apple cider vinegar wraps are amazing to help sore muscles and joints recover. Soak a jay cloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap around injured tissue and use clingfilm to wrap around it for 20 mins. Use daily. If sensitivity occurs dilute the vinegar 1 part in 5 parts water.

Reducing Swelling

For swollen joints get washing soda crystals from a supermarket and make a pack using 100% cotton material. Slightly dampen the skin then apply the pack to the area. Wrap in a towel, leave overnight while you sleep and the fluid should be removed by morning.

Green outer leaf of Cabbage Poltice

To help reduce pain and inflammation wrap the outer green leaf of cabbage around affected area. Use a knife to slice the white veins of the leaf to help more juice release onto the skin. Use a crepe bandage or tight support clothing to hold the cabbage in place.

Please text or call Orla on 0876644140 if anything you are unsure of occurs post treatment. Email for less urgent queries at info@kincoratherapy.com