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Normalising Curvature and Glut Building

Kyphosis of the thoracic vertebrae results in increased lordosis of the lumbar spine with a resultant anterior pelvic tilt, which subsequently lengthens the hamstrings and shortens the quadriceps. Correcting this imbalance may improve performance. Phrompaet et al (20110 found that Pilates can be used as an modality to stabilise lumbo pelvic stability by improving flexibility, enhancing control mobility of trunk and pelvic segments, and Pilates prevents the pre-disposition to axial musculoskeletal injury. Da Fonseca et al (2011) found that gait analysis changed following 15 sessions of Pilates, increased walking speed and decreased pain was also seen in the low back-pain Pilates group, weight discharge increased between left and right leg, would be beneficial for you.

See attachment at bottom to view pics

Wall squat with Gym Ball Ensure patella goes over 2nd toe
Picture: Side ways walk to build Glutues Medius with resistance band



Picture Ball Bridge Ball bridge with knee flexion


Gluteus Medius imbalances can be corrected by doing sideway walks and hip abduction with resistance band, single leg bridges, ball bridge with knee flexion on gym ball and the pelvic drop exercise by standing on a step and letting one leg drop of step whilst keeping the pelvis level by engaging abdominals and gluteus medius.

Gluteus Medius Leg Drop keep pelvis stable engage abdominals Hip Abduction with resistance band.

Foam rolling can be used daily on hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and spine including chest opener to counteract kyphotic posture.  Planks, reverse planks, side planks and bridge exercises also to be used daily.


Gluteus Medius Leg Drop keep pelvis stable engage abdominalsGlut Building Exercises 1 Wall squat with Gym Ball

Sugar Free

Sugar Free

Wk 1 preparation – no processed foods and just finished off the fruit (1 pineapple 4 organic apples in my kitchen was only sugar ingested this wk)

Lost 1/4 of stone

Wk 2 No fruit sugar.  Eat as much as what I want to eat just no sugar.  Continued lost another 1/4 of stone

Oatcakes with nut butter or nuts like brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds or cashew.

Porridge half oats/barley with loads of cinnamon and nuts.

You can eat meat, , eggs etc just after being in Switzerland Im having a break from them.  If I crave them or out for diner will order this option.

NO yeast allowed in diet and of course no Alcohol or other ferments except for yoghurt.

Fruits allowed are lemons, limes, tomatoes and avocados which i consume in abundance.  

Plenty of good omega 3 sources and i love to include pumpkin oil as a dressing over rice dishes.

Shopping list, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, rice, beans, tomatoes, cauliflower, steak, avocados, lemons, ginger, nuts, asparagus, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, organic nairns oat cakes, organic nut butters cashew, almond (peanut if you like i don’t use it too often).  Use plenty of herbs and spices to flavour food i love turmeric, curry, ginger, garlic Himalyan salt and black pepper. And cook using organic coconut oil

Near end of week 2 I started eating meat again – I only eat Lamb or Beef as the quality is the best here.  I also eat fish.  Love pulses and eat loads of organic butterbeans, aduki, lentils, black eye peas, etc.  

I did allow myself a smoothie – it was coconut milk, brazil nuts 5-6 and 1/2 avocado.  Cinnamon.  

I snack on dry fried seed mix of pumpkin, sunflower, linseed or organic popcorn with salt cooked in coconut oil.

My skin is much clearer, I’ve lost my holiday weight and fun February gain, I can taste sweet in things and am less hungry.  Im aiming to do another week yet if I did not thats ok too as I don’t have a candida overgrowth problem.  If you do have a candida over growth problem (use candida spit test to help investigate)  sugar free would be required for a month.

This is my second time doing sugar free and 1st time was for a month as if I ask people to do something I have to be willing to do it myself and I must say the benefits on my pallet where amazing.  I know find almonds and almond nut butter so sweet.  

There are plenty of Sugar Free recipes and cookbooks available one I love is the Extra Virgin Kitchen,IMG_5242

How to get over a cold or flu fast naturally

Well the obvious answer is don’t get sick in the first place. How tothat is build up your immunity with probiotics, (found naturally in yoghurt, Kefir, Kombucha, saurkraut and other ferments or supplement with Udo’s 8, Udo’s 5 or similar supplements). Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Its ok to back out of commitments if your not feeling 100%. The world will revolve without you.

Yet even with the best intentions we may succumb to a seasonal cold or flu. Then the best thing to do is to stop, drink plenty of fluids and go to bed. A hot epsom salts bath with some tea tree (antisceptic properties) and euculyptus will help sweat the invading microbes out of the body. A hot drink of a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a teaspoon or more of honey (ideally local honey or manuka and only added when the water is cooler not boiling) will aid the bodies recovery. High dose vitamin C also has it place hear you can follow the recommended dosage or check out Patrick Holfords recommendations on same.
Garlic has many medicinal qualities and is especially effective when taking chopped and raw. Should you not wish to ingest it you can chop some cloves and leave in olive oil for 3 days then massage your body especially soles of feet to gain benefit (ideal for young children). Soaking sock in apple cider vinegar and putting on feet will help draw down a spiking temperature. Olive leaf extract (active ingredient oleuropein) is a highly potent antioxidant, over 290 times more powerful than vitamin C and is reknowned for its anti-viral , antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is a natural broad spectrum antibiotic and inhibits oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol.
Unfortunately one of te most effective herbal remedies Ive ever been blessed to find was taking off our health shops selves a few years ago. The reason Kaloba (active ingredient Pelargonium sidoides, root extract) was taking off the selves is that it is so effective as a decongestant that Irish people in need of nannying would be in danger of over dosing by taking an effective herbal remedy combined with pharmeacutical medicines. Luckily the poplulations of the UK and rest of the EU dont recquire such precautions and its widely available there.

Make a big tea pot of organic lemon squeeze into pot, and add rind to boiling water and slice up slices of raw ginger and allow brew for 5-10. Add honey to cup to taste when serving (it is best not to overheat honey as you change its valuable properties). The lemon has over 15 different healthy benefits and the ginger is antiflammatory combined with the antibacterial health boosting benefits of honey. Drink this tea all day every day until you are 100% back to your healthy and happy

Natural health 365 talkshow – explained why Autism rates will soar before2025

Really interesting talk show hour on Johnathan Landsman on NaturalHealth 365 (which if you sign up on there website it free to listen to every sunday for 12 hours).  This weeks guest was Stehpanie Seneff, Ph.Dand senior research scientist at MITs and her research points not to a genetic factor yet an environmental factor especially Monsata’s roundup and its key ingrediant glyposate.

Her main message was the genetically modified crops that allow use of roundup which she links to leaky gut, and allows toxins and microbes into the nervous system resulting in autism, and linking to other neurological disorders such as autism and thyroid disease.  She emphasised buying local organic non gm

Can’t believe it not Icecream smoothie

Today’s new invention in my kitchen was so yummy it tasted better than icecream.


Ingredients as follows, cupful of frozen blackberries, handful of brazil nuts, a banana, 1/2 avocado, a cup of filtered water.


Post cycle juice was one of my favorites ABC one apple, one beetroot and one carrot.

Then to top of a very wholesome day17 of Clean living a hearty Butternut squash soup was cooked  up.

Ingredients : 2 Butternut squash, 2 cups red lentils, 4 organic onions, 1 tablespoon tumeric, 1/2 tablespoon coriander powder, 1 inch fresh ginger chopped, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper,1 little boiled water and 1 can organic thai gold coconut milk. Himalayan salt and pepper to taste.

Saute onions, add ginger, herbs and spices then add 1 liter water, followed by lentils and chopped butternut squash boil up till soft.  Reduce heat and simmer, then add coconut milk.




How vanity got the better of me- and damaged my teeth!


Whats the odd one out in my bathroom cabinet?  What have I after reading about its benefits in a magazine have I used on occasion this past year.  Yes vanity had got the best of me and I wanted to have even whiter teeth for big events like wedding, graduation, girls wkends and I would use Pearl White drops on my teeth for 4-5 days prior to event.  And guess what I ve learned from my fanastic new denstist Dr.  Ruth Scanlon, in limerick is I have been damaging the enamel on my 2 front teeth, which I would use this paste on, as there the ones you see.  So out goes the Pearl white and also going to have to modify my approach of drinking lemon water all day and just narrow it down to 1-2 a day and rinsing moth straight away with water.

image image

And  bye bye PearL White and in this instance vanity has not served well unless this lesson saves someone else from making this mistake.  Back to using aloe dent toothpaste and baking soda. Au naturale pour moi!