Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is not just for elite level performers it is also for people who wish to develop a better relationship with their sport of choice and how to improve on training and performance. Ten years ago in Ireland very few high level athletes spoke about their relationship with us sport psychologists and now it is unusual for a top performing athlete or team to be without our services. Now people who are recreational sport persons are engaging our services. The benefits are now not just about performance yet about creating well being over your entire lifespan. Exercise is now recognised as the best medicine so to optimise your benefits from exercise feel free to engage me to help your journey.

As a sports psychologist I can help you improve your athletic performance and most importantly help you enjoy your sports journey more. This service is not just for the professional athlete it is for the person who might want to move from couch to 5k. Whatever your goals or if you need help formulating your goals I am here to help. The only limit you have on this journey is the limits you place upon yourself. Let’s work together as a team to help you optimise your sport and exercise experience.

For the professional athlete I am here to help you develop coping strategies to assimilate the pressures of performing at the highest level in training and competition. All areas of your life have to be looked at holistically to have all your ducks lined up to help you reach your desired outcomes. In life everything does not always go to plan and I am here to help you deal with these knock backs, be it losses or injuries.  Together we will get you back on track a better, fitter and stronger athlete.