I see Orla on a regular basis. She helps keep me free from injury
                                                                   Colin Dunne

Orla is a fantastic therapist. She provides an extensive therapy which heals both the body and mind on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. The therapy is very relaxing and soothing. Its benefits can be felt several days after the treatment.

Anotoinette Toomey, Clare

I went out to Kincora Therapy Centre with cervical pain referring up into head. The treatment was very gentle non invasive and I got immeidate relieve and came away from Orla feeling much lighter and very much relieved.

Ciarain Smyth, Limerick.

The definition of Health is “A state of physical, mental and Spiritual Well Being” Orla aspires to this goal for all her clients. She practices in a way that is uniquely different and it works. She has quite honestly helped me change my life for the better.

 Anna O’Farrell, Nurse.

I was broken down physically, damaged emotionally and spiritually lost. And you helped me fix me. Thanks.

Mike Henessey, Limerick

 Orla has greatly helped me to cope with back and leg pain,not alone by her  hands on therapy but also mentally myself.Orla is a unique,in these times,  Natural,Spiritual and Caring Therapist and I have recommended her to  several of my friends and associates.

Michael Fagan.

I have attended Kincora therapy for both Bowen sessions & for EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Orla has a fabulous approach in both versatility of her skills / services offered and ability to adapt to the clients needs. Aside from above she is a genuinely nice person who is always focused on making sure you feel at ease.
The Bowen sessions always left me with a fantastic sense of well being. EMDR as best I can try and explain what I understand of how it works, is a treatment that helps to work on changing perceptions / behavioural patterns that are negatively impactful or damaging to a persons current wellbeing and healing these by reprogramming more positive perceptions / tools.
This is done by working with your sub conscious rather then via other traditional therapy methods. Its described as helping with a range of things from but not limited to PTSD to general anxiety. The sessions had a really positive outcome in relation to anxiety and resulting anxiety attacks for me and in a surprisingly short timescale. It’s not a miracle, there is work involved and in my case it was small changes that were noticeable but it allows you to build on these changes where before you may have struggled with obstacles preventing this.

KA, Limerick July 18

I had my first session with Orla last week. Must admit I was a bit sceptical before going but that soon changed once I saw her at work and doing her stuff .
She explained a few things to me and spotted a few areas that needed work. She finished off with the Bowen technique on me and what happened afterwards was pretty amazing. If I understood her correctly old injuries often need final healing .

Firstly I slept for twelve hours straight that night which was a bit out of the ordinary for me. The next day my left shoulder was aching like as if I’d bumped it off something heavily but couldn’t recall doing so. The following day I experienced a bunch of stuff including a dull pain in my right collar bone at the exact point where I had broken it some 28 years previously ! This put me thinking of what Orla had said about old injuries that hadnt fully healed and then the penny dropped about the pain in the other shoulder which I had also broken (s/blade) some years ago. These aches lasted a few hours and then faded. I also found that I was walking in a funny way lifting my right leg more than was necessary as if I was climbing stairs! This was the same ankle that I had made a mess of many years ago in a crash.
This and all the odd symptoms faded as the day went on and I awoke the next morning with no issues. I have to assume she was correct in what she preached and my aches and pains in areas she hadn’t touched were a result of the treatment and now had final healing happening. Going to have another session there in two weeks.
I have to recommend Orla and Kincora Therapy Centre. Top marks.

Mike Meskell, Killaloe. Aug 18

 As an informed consumer I strive to understand the services I engage, but sometimes that which can be explain does not fill the existential void of that draining indescribable feeling of angst and worry, the malady of modern society. I still don’t know what Orla did to me, but my body does and I feel both lighter and more grounded as a result. As I lay in the surgery the magnetic field emanating from her hands pushed and relocated my spine in a totally non-invasive manner that defies all logic- but I don’t want to understand- I want to shed the profound anxiety and insomnia that has plagued me for late. I still have more work to do, but I sure feel an improvement, not to mention that as a side effect, my spine feels as if it has been ironed.- I’d swear I feel taller, but maybe I just feel lighter.                                                                                                 I.S.  (Lecturer)

Kincora Therapy was a very professional and relieving experience. I have found Orla very educational on all matters and would recommend the use of the MBT’s particularly. She shows willingness in treating not only the immediate problem but to get to the root of all other underlying and related problems.             Brian McKeogh.

Following the failure of Anti-Inflammatory drugs and bed-rest over a 10-year period, Kincora Therapy Centre was reccomended to me by a colleague in the Search and Rescue service. This was the turning-point in the management of what was a major persistent back and hip problem but which has now become a minor issue. The gentle cranio-sacral therapy and
aftercare provided by Kincora has allowed me to regain full physical fitness and I am no-longer in constant pain, even after strenuos physical exercise.

Dr Bob Strunz,

After a 24 feet fall at work, i contacted the Kincora Therapy Centre, with back pain and problems. From other sporting injuries in the past i knew some fairly serious damage had been done. The pain relief after just 1 session with orla was worth a million dollars, with 2 more sessions and some exercises and good advice i\’ve had no problems since.I would highly recommend the kincora therapy centre (i know i\’ve been to a few others)and again, thank you Orla.

Darren McNamara.


Having visited Orla several time I’m seeing changes in my 8 year autistic son Dara which sometimes I never thought possible. He’s now chatty, eager to learn, willing to participate, more co-ordinated and full of fun.  Orla was gentle and kind with him and gave me lots of advice on how best to assist his continued development at home.

Thank you Orla for making my boy happy!!

Olive 11/12/2012


Having visited Orla several time I’m seeing changes in my 8 year autistic son Dara which sometimes I never thought possible. Before therapy Dara was living with extreme anxiety and his body was ridgid and always cold. He would spend his time isolated, reading books and walking around unco-ordinated like a “drunk” man. It was like his nervous system was frazzled and raw, his preception of everything was out of sync, spaces were too small, voices loud, textures extreme. Amid his confusion we could see he was a bright and affecionate boy.

During our first session, Orla had to walk around the room after him. He could not sit for more than two minutes and did’nt know how to co-operate. After our first session with Orla he held my hand properly and I felt his shoulder socket swing freely. An amazing sensation for me his mum !!

As we progressed with the therapy, he became more verbal, his eye contact improved, he slept alot better and he started joining in with his sisters imaginative play. He now plays soccer and other games his peers in the school yard and values the friendships of his classmates. He is continually smiling and full of mischief.

I used to have to remind him to eat and drink, thankfully now he’s requesting food and drink, sometimes even helps himself.

I believe Orla releases a trapped and isolated soul

She was gentle and kind with him and gave me lots of advice on how best to assist his continued development at home.

Thank you Orla for making my boy happy!! 

Olive 11/12/2012

I have suffered with back pain for a number of years, and following 2 treatments with Orla early this year …which were a combination of Bowen Technique/Cranio Sacral/Physical Therapy & other holistic healing techniques …I’m happy to say…my back has been pain free for the past 6 months and I would highly recommend Orla. Thank You. D.


I first visited Orla for sinus problems when I was seven months pregnant. A few visits to Orla and the problem had improved immensley. Post natal visits for me ( sore back etc) and my baby were great. Orla was excellent with my baby and also entertained her while treating me atthe same time. She is excellent and well worth the money. The fact that she is associated with health insurance companies is great too!                  Maxine


Orla Foley is a very skilled and experienced therapist, who has a great range of skills that can be applied in different circumstances. Orla has worked with my whole family – with excellent results every time. I go back to her again and again, she has great integrity and is a very very confident in what she does.                    Susanne

I find Orla to be honest, trustworthy, authentic and truly spiritual, attributes that I would find essential in a teacher on my own spiritual path. She is lots of fun too.                    Julie

Orla is a wonderful therapist who is genuinely interested in clients well being. She has a really great way of making clients feel comfortable and at ease and is always most obliging and accommodating. Thank you for the great work you do.


It took me ages to keep the appointment with one thing and another, and I so nearly cancelled the day I did finally go. I’m glad I didn’t. I felt low, tearful, sick and unmotivated that afternoon and I wasn’t in the mood for anything. After routine questions and explanations of how it worked, we found a method that suited me. It made me dizzy switching eyes constantly so a clicking pen was preferred. I chose my memory, and the feeling that went with it. And then it just sort of began…. I had no idea what it was about other than that it was to do with eye movement. I thought maybe since it’s considered well suited to trauma victims etc, that it would be sort of talking therapy where the therapist analyses the eye movements and gauges their patient’s emotional status that way. Or something. What it actually involved was, I think, a way of switching hemispheres of the brain from right to left, and helping adjust the thinking that way, turning a weak and “bad” memory that affects person badly, into a shadow and into something which doesn’t affect the person on such a deep level. I think this is amazingly clever, because the patient essentially does all the work. The therapist clicked, clicked, over and back, left and right, without saying a word or promoting the person’s thinking in any shape or form. Apart from reminding me once or twice of my “safe place”. I walked away elated. Lifted, like a weight had floated off, a weight I hadn’t realised was there so heavily. And I felt strongly empowered, knowing that it was really me who had turned those thoughts around, and chosen, myself, to feel good, elated and empowered. A short meditation while feeling grounded, at the end, reduced me to tears because I was moved by the words. Happy tears, emotional release tears that left me feeling even better after they had shed. I would highly recommend this form of therapy. To certain people. People willing to heal, and wanting to heal themselves, ready to accept help. It was like a boost of energy for me, and almost like a pick me up. I had no idea of the time or how much, how little, had passed. I found it interesting to keep returning to certain places, it further highlighted what issues I need to address. And showed me a way to work through those thoughts in a positive way. I’d love to do this again. Thank you orla. Your healing powers astound me. It’s a gift, as is your way with words. Beautiful.
Pippa, Co. Tipperary July 18

I recently went to Orla to try EMDR, I went for a variety of reasons.  I was stressed out in work, not sleeping very well, a very anxious and racing mind.  To be honest I had never heard of it so didn’t know what to expect.  Orla has a way of completely putting you at ease, she is non judgemental and has a serene presence.  Essentially I sat across from Orla and had to look at a pen moving from side to side all the while not moving my head.  I then closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  The first question she asked was why do I think I was anxious, the first thing that sprung to my mind was when I was 11 years old, a very traumatic event happened where my mother almost died and I had to live away from my family while she was recuperating.  I could remember vivid details of that time that I actually think I had blocked out as a defence mechanism.  I then had to place on a scale how distressing this event was to me.  In the beginning, I placed it at the top of the scale but as the treatment continued this number got lower and lower.  By the end of the session it had neutralised to an extent that I actually felt like it had not even happened to me.  Orla said that this means I had healed from this trauma.  On the way home in the car, I spoke to my partner of 16 years at length about other things that happened to me as a child that I had totally forgotten about.  It was very distressing at first to relive it but I can honestly say that EMDR works.  It has been 5 days since I had it done and my anxiety has lowered so much and I am sleeping better than I have been in months.  My mind doesn’t race as much and overall I feel a lot better.  Orla gave me lots of tips to help my anxiety, really highlighting the importance of a balanced diet.  I left Kincora therapy centre a completely different person and I would 100% recommend getting this treatment.  I first went to Orla 8 years ago after breaking my coccyx bone and she was a massive help.  I used to limp if I stood for any period of time but I have no lower back problems since.  Its actually hard to put into words how good this woman is, I feel like this is not doing her justice at all.  I just know that it works and I recommend her to my family and friends.  You will not regret making an appointment here.

CS EMDR Testimonial Aug 2018

Testimonial from Speech therapist

I spent the early part of my young adult life obtaining an education that would enable me to work in some very fine hospitals, clinics and medical rehabilitation facilities. The patients in those places were people who had injuries or illness that necessitated treatment by a variety of highly skilled physicians, nurses and therapist. I also worked in a couple of excellent Universities, training young people in those areas. That was followed by a period of writing and editing textbooks and scientific papers all for the same purpose. After 32 years I retired. Now as I look back I can honestly say little of what I did or what any of my esteemed colleagues did was of any benefit to the human beings seeking relief. For the majority of people the medicines and treatment regimes we employed were of little help.

Looking back over my career I can honestly say I think the majority of it was wasted. I think we had it all wrong. Why? Because we failed to engage our patients in their own healing process. We failed to help them to unleash the incredible healing that the elegant machine they inhabited, their very own human body, is capable of. I now realize that it is possible to stimulate even the most incapacitated person to turn on their own internal mechanisms an put them self on the road to recovery.

We will all age. All of us will wear out our parts. Some of us will do it quickly and intentionally. The majority of us will just experience the gradual and inevitable completion of the life cycle. But as for myself I’m going to do all I can to engage my body in developing it’s own defenses and maintaining the health I now enjoy for as long as is possible. Recently I discovered a vehicle that I felt helped me to do just that. Orla Fowley, a local physical therapist,at Kincora Therapy invited me to try out her new sound bed. I suppose I expected it to be pleasant and relaxing. I did not expect to have such a profound experience.

Now at this juncture I should say that I think each persons experience on the sound bed will be unique to that individual. I am a person who wants to be well. Sickness, and the anxiety that accompanies poor health holds no fascination for me. Illness has no purpose in my life and I don’t invite it in. Also, I would say I’m open to the notion that my body knows what to do. My mind knows how to utilize the right stimulus to regulate itself. And, one last thing -I provide the fuel. I eat a healthy well balanced organic diet. I don’t drink alcohol or take any drugs. I get alot of sleep and I avoid the company of negative or unpleasant people when ever possible. But perhaps most importantly I don’t smoke tobacco or anything else. So I’m a good candidate for engaging my own bodies capacity for health.

The sound bed is a short low wooden lounge with a soft pad atop. It looks like a piece of wooden sculpture in that it has a serpentine shape that conforms to the curves in your body. It seemed to me that the core of the sound bed was hollow like a drum. If you can, imagine a large musical instrument you could lie comfortably upon. Then imagine that on one side of this bed or lounge was a harp (for strumming) and on the other side a set of wooden blocks (for drumming). Now lie down, first on your back and then later, you will turn over onto your tummy. The therapist, Orla, sits on a mat or a pillow on the floor beside you. This is the weird part. When Orla begins to strum the harp attached to the side of the sound bed, your body absorbs the vibrations and begins to release its own vibration. Orla says that the resonance of each persons body is different and hence the “music” released is different for each person. Thinking back on my experience on the sound bed, it was indeed as if my body became an instrument. Within my body I felt a sort of harmonic wave of sound, a music if you will. My tones were low and earthy. It sounded like recordings made by whale and dolphin noises I have heard on programs about the ocean. The effect on me was truly extraordinary. The majority of my body was vibrating or resonating is a better word, “in tune”. It felt marvelously in synchrony with the rest. But there were a couple spots, one in the joint of my left shoulder and another sort of on the edge of my pelvis near the hip. Those spots sort of buzzed and vibrated a bit out of tune.
But as Orla continued strumming away beside me on the harp attached to the side of the sound bed my body seemed to warm up and a sort of wave of harmony came over it. Physically I felt very comfortable, especially temperature wise. I remember thinking I’m neither hot nor cold I feel perfect. This was followed by a wave that released even the most minor of muscle tensions. That sensation was followed by total harmony. The bones, muscles and tissues of my entire body seemed to tune up like a capella singers that achieve harmony with one another. The slightly “off key”t buzzing in the shoulder joint and hip area that I described earlier, vanished and I was over come by the total relaxation of muscles I had previously not even realized were tense.

Now, as if that were not enough there was a coup de grace in store. I was instructed to turn over onto my stomach. At this point I was nearly levitating! Seriously I had the sensation that I was floating. Oral moved to the other side of the sound bed and took a drum stick with a soft fluffy woolen ball on each end in each of her hands. Now she started to strike at the wooden blocks, actually I guess you could call them paddles on the side of the sound bed. It made a klop klop klop noise like a horse trotting up the road. Words escape me now, I just cannot describe how good that particular sound felt, this time in my bones.

I am always a good sleeper. I go out quickly and I sleep soundly hour upon hour. I usually get at least a good 8-9 hours at a stretch. But that night, after the sound bed, I practically lapsed into a coma! I awoke so rested and refreshed it was just uncanny. The sense of relaxation and peacefulness seemed to last on in to the following evening. Strange as this may sound I think the sound bed actually affected my mood and my temperament.

In the hospital professionals were never allowed to recommend anything alternative. That was forbidden. We were told alternative methods lacked empirical evidence of their efficacy. That’s technical language for there is no proof it works. However, now I’m just a civilian, I’m retired and no longer work as a health care professional. So I’m free to endorse what ever I want! I’m free to say I love the sound bed and I would recommend it to anyone. What will the outcome be? I don’t know. Your experience will probably be as unique to you as mine was to me. I would just say you have to try the sound

M.K- speech therapist