Pre & Post Treatment

Ideally wear loose comfortable clothing, drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. Answer the pre-treatment questionnaire re infectious disease control and if you have any COVID-19 symptoms like a fever, loss of sense of smell, fever, close contact to a confirmed case or recent travel in previous 14 days to A country not on the Irish Government Green list please reschedule until 14 days clear.

Please bring a comfortable clean blanket or towel to cover you for your treatment should you require this.

Please ask any questions you may have and at any time if uncomfortable or need something please ask me. I am here to help your healing journey and endeavour to do the best I can. Water and toilets are readily available to you at your request.

Please drink plenty of clean water. You may be tired after treatment so rest as much as possible – sleep if necessary. If you find you have loads of energy go for a gentle walk and avoid excessive exercise or big jobs like spring cleaning the house.

Avoid sitting for periods of 40 mins or longer as a general rule. Walk a minimum of 25 minutes daily.  When on a car journey stop every 40-50 mins and have a little stretch of the legs. It is ideal to have the initial treatments a week apart. 

Ideally have a treatment once a week to start for 3-4 weeks as a general rule. There have been people who get the results they want and return to balance and wellbeing within 1-2 treatments. Normally you are booked in for your next appointment at Kincora Therapy which can easily be amended as required sooner or later as schedule allows. Regular customers like to book in on a monthly/3 monthly/6 monthly or yearly basis as a gift to themselves to destress and optimise their wellbeing.

Avoid receiving other non-medical  treatments during this time to allow maximum benefit from your sessions unless discussed with Orla. Any questions please text or call.

Have epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) baths to aid the effectiveness of your treatment. Add 4-5 mugs of salts to the warm bath, (add an essential oil you previously used in a bath). Drink 1 pint of water before, during and after and soak in the bath for a minimum of 20 mins, ideally longer. Be sure and purchase the larger tubs from the local pharmacies, where 2kg – 4kg tubs are available.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) wraps are amazing to help sore muscles and joints recover. Soak a jay cloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap around injured tissue and use clingfilm to wrap around it for 20 mins. Use daily. If sensitivity occurs, dilute the vinegar 1 part in 5 parts water. Using ACV like this reduces swelling and inflammation in acute injuries. Please be aware of this and it is pertinent to still have an x-ray diagnosis despite absence of swelling.

To help reduce pain and inflammation, wrap the washed outer green leaf of cabbage around the affected area. Use a knife to slice the white veins of the leaf or rolling pin to help more juices release onto the skin. Use a crepe bandage or tight support clothing to hold the cabbage in place.

For swollen joints get washing soda crystals from a supermarket and make a pack using 100% cotton material. Slightly dampen the skin then apply the pack to the area. Wrap in a towel, leave overnight while you sleep and the fluid should be removed by morning.

Please text or call Orla on 087 6644140 if anything you are unsure of occurs post treatment. Email for less urgent queries at

Add organic unwaxed lemon to a teapot, squeeze the juice into the pot and insert the whole peel. Use about 2 inches of fresh ginger and turmeric peeled and grated/chopped. (powder form can be used if fresh is unavailable, but it is just not as nice and effective). Place boiling water in the pot and leave to brew for 5-10 minutes before drinking a mug. Honey can be added to taste as required.