Corporate Wellness / Workplace Wellbeing

Are you ready to promote health and wellbeing in the workplacel some programs options are below:

  • Employee Wellbeing Programs
  • Wellbeing programs for Managment
  • Coping with Changing World
  • Developing your resilience to shine
  • Health and Wellbeing In your workplace
  • Working remotely best practices for your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Mindfulness
  • Healthy life Habits
  • Wellness in Education
  • Get Practising Yoga Daily with simple routines
  • Work Life Balance
  • Focus on your Priorities

Corporate Wellbeing / Workplace Health

In the world of corporations, what is more important now grades or your profit margins or the wellbeing of you and your staff? Are you going to strive to be a wellbeing workplacel where you prioritise staff’s well-being? Staff wellness leads to healthy profit margins due to more productivity.   In a world where mental health is the most pressing health challenge of our times, are you willing to take steps to help ensure the wellbeing of future generations and nurture the current one? If so, Wellness Programmes for corporate workplaces  are available from Kincora Therapy promoting health and wellness in the workplace. Orla Foley has delivered wellness programmes previously as a VHI Health Consultant and Independently to financial institutions and schools. Together we can tailor a program to meet your vision for your wellbeing school.

Student wellbeing programs are available for both the wellbeing of students and the wellbeing of your teaching staff. Your individual school or college wellbeing program can be tailored to your requirements and delivered onsite or virtually online. 

Promoting wellbeing in your corporation will greatly aid the mental health of staff and the managments mental health. Similarly, if you wish to have a corporate wellbeing day, the treatments for staff can be tailored to 30-60 min treatments as a nice wellbeing package. Please contact me, Orla Foley and together we can create a package to meet your needs. 

Workplace and Corporate  wellbeing will be a big cog in the wheel of change for the mental health of young and maturing populations. Be part of the change and contact us today to create a tailored program for health and wellness in schools.