Who can benefit?

I treat everyone from the cradle to the grave. Able bodied people to people with special needs. Elite performers to weekend warriors, couch potatoes to surfers. Newborn and new mums, pre and post natal.  Back ache sufferers, whiplash, brain injuries, asthma, chronic conditions to sinusitis have all benefited from services available at Kincora Therapy.

How do you book?

Just simply text or call me on 087 6644140, email info@OrlaFoley.com or use the online booking system on this website.

Got questions?

Please feel free to contact me and I will do best to guide you in the right direction. As the therapies I use work with your innate healing ability with the aim to bring your being back into balance and wellbeing, everyone’s healing journey is as individual as you are. For examples of how others have benefitted please refer to the testimonials.  My treatments are not intended to replace any medical treatments your doctor may have prescribed yet are intended to compliment. Orla Foley is a CORU Registered Physiotherapist and a member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists.