Wellness Coach

Do you need help navigating your health and wellbeing? Do you have a weight issue? Are you addicted to work and need help getting a work life balance? Have you being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and wish to have a helping hand as your navigate your medical journey? Has the pandemic of 2020 had a negative effect on your life? If you answer yes to any of these then you need a  Wellness Coach!

As your health and wellness coach together we will elicit your health and wellbeing goals and guide your journey towards your optimum health. The process focuses on creating healthy sustainable habits and nurtures self-motivation and self-regulation. Utilising scientifically proven modalities like positivity psychology, EMDR, and hypnosis you are in safe and experienced hands.

Orla Foley, Msc., is a dedicated student of science all her life with a particular passion for the science of wellbeing. Kincora Therapy offers over 20 years of healthcare experience. You can count on Orla as your health coach to help guide you on the path back to wellbeing, returning to balance and learning to thrive in life.   

Orla qualified as a Masters Level Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist in 2005 and 2008 and has implemented these skills in her work ever since. She progressed onto a Masters in Sports Performance in the University of Limerick and is currently undergoing Accreditation with Sport Ireland as a Sports Psychologist.

Feel ready to take the next step towards health and wellbeing? Time to take control of your health? Then it is time to book your wellness coaching session where I look forward to working with you.

Anyone who wishes to take their health in their own hands and become the best version of themselves and move from surviving to thriving. Some examples of issues that may benefit from wellness coaching are:

  • Chronic diseases like arthritis, lupus, lymes
  • Autoimmune conditions such as Crohns, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergies, and Thyroid dysfunction
  • Obesity, and weight issues
  • Eating disorders (under the guidance of a medical doctor)
  • Chronic back and neck issues
  • Special needs