Infectious Disease Prevention

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Safe Practice guidelines are in place at Kincora Therapy and helps keep us all safe as possible. Orla Foley is certified in Occupational Health and Safety.

COVID-19 is a novel Coronavirus that was identified in the Wuhan province of China late in 2019 and developed into a pandemic.  In Ireland since March 13th there have been Herculean efforts on behalf of our government and the frontline agencies to manage this pandemic and limit its spread. Now we are moving forward to reopen our economy and return to work. This means stepping forward and sometimes stepping backwards, when needed and appropriate. As a CORU registered Physiotherapist, Orla Foley is considered an essential medical service.

From July 2020, according to government guidelines regarding treatment of non COVID-19 patients I reopened as an essential medical service. For the safety of my clients and myself there will be changes to how this works out, I want to outline the changes here.

To make an appointment simply text/call 087 6644140 or email

I will get back to you and ask about the following.

Are you suffering from the following?:

  • Persistent cough
  • Running a temperature
  • Experiencing flu-like aches and pains
  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Experiencing cold-like symptoms
  • Have you experienced changes in your sense of taste/smell
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
  • How long ago?
  • Have you been in an institution where there has been a COVID-19 outbreak?
  • How long ago?

Depending on how you answer it will decide if you can get an appointment at that time. When you get an appointment you will receive a document stating the time and date of your appointment in case there are travel restrictions in place at the time.

When you arrive at Kincora Therapy, the first thing you do is stay in your car and give me a missed call to let me know you have arrived. I will phone you back when ready for you to enter. I will be wearing a surgical face mask, please don’t take offence. Please arrive wearing a surgical face mask. When you come in you will be asked to wash your hands. You must wear the mask for the duration of the appointment.

Your appointment will be in the familiar format, during the initial consultation social distancing will be observed, but during the treatment phase, this will not be possible. At this stage it is essential that respiratory hygiene is observed.

After the appointment please drink water and ideally get a short walk in fresh air if possible.

Previously Kincora Therapy has provided towels to facilitate draping for the comfort of patients. In the interest of infection control and prevention this will not be possible. We will need you to bring your own towels or blankets for this purpose. An extra heater is in room, if this is required please ask.

If paying in cash as payment – ideally have the exact amount ready. If paying by cheque please have the cheque written previously to treatment. Card transactions can be also accepted. A UV sterilisation unit is used to sanitise all payment methods.

We apologise for these changes which are designed to protect our clients and ourselves. As government advice changes we may have to amend these. We will however make sure we maintain our usual standards of Integrity, Courtesy and Empathy.

For more information about how you can protect yourself and others, the world Health Organisation has some advice here:

If you have any questions about these changes or any other questions about our services please feel free to get in touch. Looking forward to helping you return to balance at wellbeing and your continued custom.