Bowen Therapy Technique

Are you in pain or discomfort? Do you suffer from whiplash, back ache, digestive issues, TMJ issue, or frozen shoulder? Want to have a pain free treatment that works for you? Then the Bowen Technique is the effective and gentle therapy for you. This technique, which uses a gentle rolling move of my hands over specific areas of the body that stimulates your body to heal and return to balance, resulting in your pain and discomfort resolving in due course. 

The Bowen move is a rolling-type move of the thumbs and forefingers, and aims to stimulate nerve pathways which encourage ‘communication’ between the area and different nervous systems of the body. A break between each set of moves occurs, the therapist leaves the room to allow the communication process to take place. These breaks increase the effectiveness of each subsequent set of moves.  Younger children do not require these breaks. Bowen therapy helps newborns, people with special needs, adults and golden years.  From colic, to asthma, to bedwetting, hamstring issues, TMJ dysfunction, frozen shoulder and other joint issues. Do you or your children need help from any of these issues? Book now to return to balance and wellbeing with the help of Bowen Therapy Technique.

The Bowen Therapy is a straightforward, hands on, remedial therapy that is non-intrusive, gentle and very effective. It is based around a dynamic series of cross-fibre moves over muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moves empower the body’s own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony, resulting in fast, lasting relief from pain and discomfort. The moves are gentle and relaxing. There is NO forceful manipulation.

Safe to use on anyone, from a newborn to the elderly and infirm, and for conditions ranging from sports injuries to organic complaints, this innovative and gentle technique frequently gives substantial relief after the first session. More information about this amazing technique and its founder Tom Bowen here

The Bowen Technique was developed by Tom Bowen of Victoria, Australia. By the mid 1970s he was one of the busiest therapists in the country, treating an estimated 13,000 clients a year. He had the remarkable gift of being able to read bodies and understand what was needed for the body to correct itself. Watch this to learn more

Treatments are generally one week apart and frequently clients will only need two or three treatments. Treatment sessions last, on average, 45 minutes. The Technique produces maximum results with minimum intervention.

The first session will start with questions about your health history and reasons for the visit. These are necessary for the practitioner to find out if there are any aspects of the work that are contraindicated, what procedures to apply and how much of the work your body is able to assimilate positively.

Bowen works best when applied directly on skin and ideally a client will be treated in their underwear. It can however be applied through loose clothing if preferred.

Application of the Bowen Therapy involves stimulation of precise points on the body using only gentle pressure. The points are stimulated in groups of 2 – 8 at a time. A key feature of the Bowen Technique is that the therapist will leave the room in between groups of movements working with adults. This not only allows the brain to process the information it has been given and start to act upon it, but for the therapist, upon returning, to make effective comparisons of energetic and physical changes taking place in the body.

Tom Wilks demonstrates a Bowen Therapy treatment in a chair. See how gentle and safe Bowen Therapy Technique is here:

At the end of this video Orla Foley demonstrates Bowen Technique for Infants.

Research that has shown how Bowen Technique has helped Asthma sufferers, back pain, Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia, Hamstring flexibility, knee pain, ankle pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and Migraine, can be seen on this site:

Client Testimonial

I had my first session with Orla last week. Must admit I was a bit sceptical before going but that soon changed once I saw her at work and doing her stuff.

She explained a few things to me and spotted a few areas that needed work. She finished off with the Bowen technique on me and what happened afterwards was pretty amazing. If I understood her correctly, old injuries often need final healing.

Firstly I slept for twelve hours straight that night which was a bit out of the ordinary for me. The next day my left shoulder was aching like as if I’d bumped it off something heavily but couldn’t recall doing so. The following day I experienced a bunch of stuff including a dull pain in my right collar bone at the exact point where I had broken it some 28 years previously! This put me thinking of what Orla had said about old injuries that hadn’t fully healed and then the penny dropped about the pain in the other shoulder which I had also broken (s/blade) some years ago. These aches lasted a few hours and then faded. I also found that I was walking in a funny way lifting my right leg more than was necessary as if I was climbing stairs! This was the same ankle that I had made a mess of many years ago in a crash.

This and all the odd symptoms faded as the day went on and I awoke the next morning with no issues. I have to assume she was correct in what she preached and my aches and pains in areas she hadn’t touched were a result of the treatment and now had final healing happening. Going to have another session there in two weeks.

I have to recommend Orla and Kincora Therapy Top marks.

Mike Meskell, Killaloe