I have had many varied and interesting clients. It's always good to know about the experiences of my Clients.

Physical Therapy

Orla’s scientific background, knowledge of anatomy, and deep understanding of the healing process makes her an outstanding professional in her chosen field. I suffer chronic backpain and associated sciatica due to a herniated disk, and Orla’s treatments and advice have been highly beneficial in providing relief and aiding recovery. Orla is a natural and caring therapist. Peter Turner, Co. Clare

Virtual Healthcare

I contacted Orla a few weeks ago, so during lockdown, about an old injury that had recurred and we arranged a virtual session. I wasn’t sure how a distance consultation would work – but I was amazed at how Orla was able to diagnose my injury then take me through exercises to treat it, all via zoom! There was a quantum leap in relief to my discomfort immediately after the treatment. I had a second virtual treatment a week later. And thanks to techniques Orla taught me, I’m back exercising again. M... Read More

Bowen Technique

I had my first session with Orla last week. Must admit I was a bit sceptical before going but that soon changed once I saw her at work and doing her stuff. She explained a few things to me and spotted a few areas that needed work. She finished off with the Bowen technique on me and what happened afterwards was pretty amazing. If I understood her correctly, old injuries often need final healing. Firstly I slept for twelve hours straight that night which was a bit out of the ordinary for me. The next day my le... Read More

Craniosacral Therapy

As an informed consumer I strive to understand the services I engage, but sometimes that which can be explain does not fill the existential void of that draining indescribable feeling of angst and worry, the malady of modern society. I still don’t know what Orla did to me, but my body does and I feel both lighter and more grounded as a result. As I lay in the surgery the magnetic field emanating from her hands pushed and relocated my spine in a totally non-invasive manner that defies all logic – but I don... Read More

Physical Therapy

Kincora Therapy was a very professional and relieving experience. I have found Orla very educational on all matters and would recommend her services. She shows willingness in treating not only the immediate problem but to get to the root of all other underlying and related problems.             

Brian McKeogh

Injury Prevention

I see Orla on a regular basis. She helps keep me free from injury

Colin Dunne, Riverdance Lead and Choreographer

Holistic Wellbeing

Orla is a fantastic therapist. She provides an extensive therapy which heals both the body and mind on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. The therapy is very relaxing and soothing. It’s benefits can be felt several days after the treatment.

Antoinette Toomey, Clare

Craniosacral Therapy

Following the failure of Anti-Inflammatory drugs and bed-rest over a 10-year period, Kincora Therapy Centre was recommended to me by a colleague in the Search and Rescue service. This was the turning-point in the management of what was a major persistent back and hip problem but which has now become a minor issue. The gentle cranio-sacral therapy and aftercare provided by Kincora has allowed me to regain full physical fitness and I am no-longer in constant pain, even after physical exercise. Dr Bob Strunz, Ogon... Read More

Back Pain

Orla has greatly helped me to cope with back and leg pain, not alone by her hands on therapy but also mentally myself. Orla is unique, in these times, a Natural, Spiritual and Caring Therapist and I have recommended her to several of my friends and associates.

Michael Fagan

Injury Prevention

Orla is my go-to therapist for the last number of years for injuries or if I am feeling below par energy wise after illness. I find after a couple of sessions I am usually back on track again. It is great for me to have found her. She is excellent at her job and is such a lovely kind person. I couldn’t recommend her enough.


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