Anti-Gravity yoga

Posted on 11 January 2015

image imageimageJust back from a faboulous wkend at The Cliffs of Mohair Yoga retreat doing antigravity yoga.  And Im addicted wow, this is my next step in yoga studies.  Ive had a yoga trapeze at home for last 18mths and I d been using it very restorative now Im all energised to use it for flexibitly, aerobic, strengthening and restorative.  Watch this space.

Our teacher Tara was fab, and her yogi friend Jack seranaded us as we recharged in our yoga pods.  Michelle and her team, Pavlov & co cooked and served us gorgeous healthy food.  The yoga room was amazing it is easily the most amazing yoga room Ive ever overlooking the atlantic.


imageJust finished off A Touch of God Smoothie as a night cap
1/2 or 1 avocado
4-5 pitted dates
1/4 can organic coconut milk
Handful almonds or brazil nuts
1/2-1 mug water depending on consistency you prefer

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