Day 9 of Healthy Choices after Festive Celebrations

Posted on 8 January 2015

This is day 9 of Healthy Choices and feeling more energized and positive as a result.  The key is getting out and exercising in daylight even if it’s a 10 minute walk to the shop at lunch time.  Other keys are healthy fats, locally produced honey, a good vitamin D supplement and good quality sleep.  Routine helps with sleep and daylight help regulate sleep hormones.

Beet Celery Carrot Lemon Juice

Yesterdays juice was a new concoction for me I juiced one large Beetroot, 2 sticks celery and 4 small carrots and 1 whole Lemon (all organic) and this power juice had me buzzing this am.  Drinking lemon water throughout the day is a great help and yummy too.  What I do is take a lemon cut it in half squeeze juice into teapot and throw rind in and fill with hot water and have that first thing and leave it cool and drink the rest of the pot throughout the day.  The other key is is to physically detox and declutter your home and work environment.StrawberryOatBrazilCocoBrekkiesmoothie

Todays Breakfast smoothie was a handful of large rolled oats, handful of brazil nuts, 1 banana, 1 handful frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup of coconut milk and 1 cup kefir water all blitzed together.   How is your healthy habits helping you enjoy life more.

Tonights juice is yet to be concocted yet I know kale, lemon, beetroot carrot and celery is going in there and perhaps and apple.  Why! Cause thats what in the fridge and there all superfoods for helping the body cleanse. Then this wkend is going to be a weekend full of yoga and reverting to vegatarian diet for a few weeks, and a more lovely walks and maybe a wee run.  Whats your plan for this wkend to help you enjoy the benefits of healthy energy in 2015?

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