Dip into the Festive Spirit

Posted on 29 December 2014

Festive Holidays is a time of year to celebrate the start of the return of the light as the days begin to get longer from the 21st of December.  Dip into celebrations your way,this year Ive continued the traditional irish way of out with family and friends for diner and drinks with every venue jointed to the rafters and of course with every opportunity singing dancing and laughing.

christmas day swim

Celebrations continued with holistic daily yoga, drinking plenty of lemon water, healthy fresh juices, healthy food choices (mostly) and healthy dose of healthy multivitamin tonic Floradex,  Vit D tab and milk Thistle.  This christmas the weather has been great for getting out for walks with the dog, cyling and running with friends whilst maximising fresh air and sunshine.

And no holiday season would be complete without doing something to help your fellow man, this year our annual Christmas day swim here in killaloe raised money for  Old Folks in the community. Thanks for all who participated and sponsored us.


Enjoy a healthy holiday season with  a balance of fun and healthy choices.  See you in 2015image

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