Healthy Kick Start and Yoga Timetable

Posted on 19 August 2017

Hope you had a lovely summer and basked in the sunshine and warmth while it lasted. The change of the season are quickly on us again and I pray for an Indian summer in autumn. One of my plans from this autumn is to revisit an old habit of clean living (no wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, meat) for the first few weeks of sept (starting the 4th of September) combined with good sleep hygiene (bed by same time every night, limit tv and electrical devices as blue light interferes with sleep, no electrical devices in bedroom, phone in airplane mode etc), moderate exercise and daily yoga. Then toward the end of September I will begin using herbs and supplements to assist a deeper cleanse of intestines, and finish with a liver cleanse.

The intention had been to begin this program in January 2017 after having a year of 40th birthday celebrations with my friends and eating more cake than I had in previous 10 years. My main reason for this was to navigate the 40s as effortlessly as possible with the knowledge that sugar, caffeine, gluten, processed food, meat and alcohol are all endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Yet following the sudden dear of my beloved brother Anthony in October 2016 I struggled to do my normal healthy eating as I burnt more dishes, threw out more food than I did in a whole life time and surrendered to just consuming the easiest healthiest options available to me. Thus January became September and I invite you to consider looking at your own lifestyle and making the changes necessary to reboot your own system. It is recommended to do this with the help of the appropriate health professionals and I highly recommend a good naturopathic nutritionist, sign up for a yoga class and know that you cannot make the changes necessary in a weekend, or a week you body requires a minimum of 4 weeks clean living to make an impact. How long will I clean live? That is yet to be seen yet the minimum 4 weeks is my aim and I have previously enjoyed 18 weeks and never wanted to go back. Why did I go back? convenience and social reason really as the amount of clean foods available in 2011 out socially was limited yet now I’m impressed with the new Ireland many healthy clean living options are available thank god. I’ve enjoyed my holiday from clean living also yet I look forward to returning to unboundless energy, bouncing out of the bed in the morning full of the joys of life, the radiant skin, eating as much as I want and a deep sense of peach and calm again.

Yoga classes begin again in September the schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 5th Sept UL Arena 8:00pm (pay as you go UL rates 55 mins) 7wks

Friday 7th Sept Kincora Therapy             Aerial Yoga 9:30 6 weeks €105 (class full)

Friday                       Aerial Yoga 10:30 6 weeks €105

Hatha Yoga Beginners&improvers 11:30 or 10:30

Monday 11th Sept Kincora Hatha(beginners&improvers)Yoga 6:30 6 weeks €75

Monday 11th Aerial Yoga 8pm 6 weeks €105

Classes run subject to a minimum number of attendees (2 for aerial 4 for Hatha)

I would like to thank you for your continued support and custom. Please like Kincora therapy on twitter and facebook.

Looking forward to being of service to you in the future again,

Kind regards Orla Foley

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