Love of Joy by Orla Foley

Posted on 27 March 2023

Joy is one of life elixir’s , it fills us up and drives us on.  Joy is timeless from the first time we encountered it as a child to last wakeful moment when we depart this world.  It can be like a taking for granted loved one and not savoured and appreciated often enough.

I remember traveling in Thailand 20 years ago and being so taken by a man living in a shantytown setup on the side of the road on way in to Bangkok  and they shear joy he expressed in his face as he cooked his food.  It was humbling to witness.  Joy is free for all of us to gather.  We just have to remember to gather it, don’t we?

Gratitude is joys well publicised partner and for decades positive psychology has highlighted the benefits of practicing gratitude daily.  My invite to you is can you now invite joy into your life, even if life is more challenging than you care to admit, or your just too busy to even think? Can you for the next 7 days try and savour a moment of joy, be it a spring lamb playing in a field, or the beautiful tulips or daffodils brightening your day or someone just holding a door open for you.  Lets invite more joy into our world and together we can make the world a little better one joyful moment at a time.

For years my joy has been yummy crummy healthy food that energising and nurtures my body, exercise has brought me back to joy in the darkest nights of my soul and has introduced me to some amazing souls.  Writing is my joy that I neglect more often than I care to admit yet thanks to the lovely article from the Royal college of surgeons (see below link)  that sparked me to write my first blog in years I will invite the joy of writing back into my life.   When I free write poetry is one of the signs to me that Im totally loving life and singing from morning to night another.  What are your signs your joyous? If you can’t remember what where the signs as a child.  Invite that childlike joy into life and please let me know how you get on.  Lets turn this world spinning joyfully to help balance out the challenges.

Article:  Joy is good for your body and your mind – three ways to feel it more often – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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