I have had many varied and interesting clients. It's always good to know about the experiences of my Clients.

Injury Prevention

I see Orla on a regular basis. She helps keep me free from injury

Colin Dunne, Riverdance Lead and Choreographer

Injury Prevention

Orla is my go-to therapist for the last number of years for injuries or if I am feeling below par energy wise after illness. I find after a couple of sessions I am usually back on track again. It is great for me to have found her. She is excellent at her job and is such a lovely kind person. I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Injury Prevention

Thank you Orla for the gateway I’ve experienced through your distant Craniosacral therapy treatments.  I am awed that life can connect to life – and my experience of your confident and perceptive treatment that identified sore places and resistances in my 67 year old body! And the deep ease and energising that followed – a shift and a lightening.  I am sincerely grateful for Craniosacral therapy.

Ian Thompson

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