I have had many varied and interesting clients. It's always good to know about the experiences of my Clients.


It took me ages to keep the appointment with one thing and another, and I so nearly cancelled the day I did finally go. I’m glad I didn’t. I felt low, tearful, sick and unmotivated that afternoon and I wasn’t in the mood for anything. After routine questions and explanations of how it worked, we found a method that suited me. It made me dizzy switching eyes constantly so a clicking pen was preferred. I chose my memory, and the feeling that went with it. And then it just sort of began…I had no idea what it ... Read More


I recently went to Orla to try EMDR, I went for a variety of reasons. I was stressed out in work, not sleeping very well, a very anxious and my mind was racing. To be honest I had never heard of it so didn’t know what to expect. Orla has a way of completely putting you at ease, she is non judgemental and has a serene presence. Essentially I sat across from Orla and had to look at a pen moving from side to side all the while not moving my head. I then closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The first question she ... Read More


I have attended Kincora Therapy for both Bowen sessions and for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Orla has a fabulous approach in both versatility of her skills/services offered and ability to adapt to the Clients needs. Aside from above she is a genuinely nice person who is always focused on making sure you feel at ease. The Bowen sessions always left me with a fantastic sense of wellbeing. EMDR as best I can try and explain what I understand of how it works, is a treatment that hel... Read More

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