Autism Diagnosis

Having visited Orla several time I’m seeing changes in my 8 year autistic son Dara which sometimes I never thought possible. Before therapy Dara was living with extreme anxiety and his body was rigid and always cold. He would spend his time isolated, reading books and walking around unco-ordinated like a “drunk” man. It was like his nervous system was frazzled and raw, his perception of everything was out of sync, spaces were too small, voices loud, textures extreme. Amid his confusion we could see he was a bright and affectionate boy.

During our first session, Orla had to walk around the room after him. He could not sit for more than two minutes and didn’t know how to co-operate. After our first session with Orla he held my hand properly and I felt his shoulder socket swing freely. An amazing sensation for me his mum!!

As we progressed with the therapy, he became more verbal, his eye contact improved, he slept a lot better and he started joining in with his sisters imaginative play. He now plays soccer and other games with his peers in the school yard and values the friendships of his classmates. He is continually smiling and full of mischief.

I used to have to remind him to eat and drink, thankfully now he’s requesting food and drink, sometimes even helps himself.

I believe Orla released a trapped and isolated soul.

She was gentle and kind with him and gave me lots of advice on how best to assist his continued development at home.

Thank you Orla for making my boy happy!!


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