Craniosacral Therapy

As an informed consumer I strive to understand the services I engage, but sometimes that which can be explain does not fill the existential void of that draining indescribable feeling of angst and worry, the malady of modern society. I still don’t know what Orla did to me, but my body does and I feel both lighter and more grounded as a result. As I lay in the surgery the magnetic field emanating from her hands pushed and relocated my spine in a totally non-invasive manner that defies all logic – but I don’t want to understand – I want to shed the profound anxiety and insomnia that has plagued me for late. I still have more work to do, but I sure feel an improvement, not to mention that as a side effect, my spine feels as if it has been ironed. I’d swear I feel taller, but maybe I just feel lighter.  

I.S. (Lecturer)

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