I have had many varied and interesting clients. It's always good to know about the experiences of my Clients.

Holistic Wellbeing

The definition of Health is “A state of physical, mental and Spiritual Well Being” Orla aspires to this goal for all her clients. She practices in a way that is uniquely different and it works. She has quite honestly helped me change my life for the better.

Anna O’Farrell, Nurse

Pre and Postnatal Care for Mum and Baby

I first visited Orla for sinus problems when I was seven months pregnant. A few visits to Orla and the problem had improved immensely. Postnatal visits for me (sore back etc) and my baby were great. Orla was excellent with my baby and also entertained her while treating me at the same time. She is excellent and well worth the money. The fact that she is associated with health insurance companies is great too!                   ... Read More

Injury Prevention

Thank you Orla for the gateway I’ve experienced through your distant Craniosacral therapy treatments.  I am awed that life can connect to life – and my experience of your confident and perceptive treatment that identified sore places and resistances in my 67 year old body! And the deep ease and energising that followed – a shift and a lightening.  I am sincerely grateful for Craniosacral therapy.

Ian Thompson

Back Pain

After a 24 foot fall at work, I contacted the Kincora Therapy, with back pain and problems. From other sporting injuries in the past I knew some fairly serious damage had been done. The pain relief after just 1 session with Orla was worth a million dollars, with 2 more sessions and some exercises and good advice, I’ve had no problems since. I would highly recommend the Kincora Therapy Centre (I know I’ve been to a few others) and again, thank you Orla.

Darren McNamara

Chronic Pain

After a big accident a few years ago I had intense, persistent pain in my chest which turned out to be a number of dislocated ribs. I went to a lot of different people trying to work out what was wrong and how to fix it, until Orla was recommended to me by a family member. In one session, years of pain was suddenly gone. Since then, any ache or pain I have, Orla is my go-to.

Joe Geary

Holistic Wellbeing

I was broken down physically, damaged emotionally and spiritually lost. And you helped me fix me. Thanks.

Mike Henessey, Limerick

Neck Pain

I went out to Kincora Therapy with cervical pain referring up into my head. The treatment was very gentle non invasive and I got immediate relief and came away from Orla feeling much lighter and very much relieved.

Ciaran Smyth, Limerick


It took me ages to keep the appointment with one thing and another, and I so nearly cancelled the day I did finally go. I’m glad I didn’t. I felt low, tearful, sick and unmotivated that afternoon and I wasn’t in the mood for anything. After routine questions and explanations of how it worked, we found a method that suited me. It made me dizzy switching eyes constantly so a clicking pen was preferred. I chose my memory, and the feeling that went with it. And then it just sort of began…I had no idea what it ... Read More

Pre and Postnatal Care for Mum and Baby

Orla is a wonderful therapist who is genuinely interested in clients wellbeing. She has a really great way of making clients feel comfortable and at ease and is always most obliging and accommodating. Thank you for the great work you do.


Back Pain

I have suffered with back pain for a number of years, and following 2 treatments with Orla early this year…which were a combination of Bowen Technique/Craniosacral/Physical Therapy and other holistic healing techniques…I’m happy to say…my back has been pain free for the past 6 months and I would highly recommend Orla. Thank You.


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