I have had many varied and interesting clients. It's always good to know about the experiences of my Clients.


I recently went to Orla to try EMDR, I went for a variety of reasons. I was stressed out in work, not sleeping very well, a very anxious and my mind was racing. To be honest I had never heard of it so didn’t know what to expect. Orla has a way of completely putting you at ease, she is non judgemental and has a serene presence. Essentially I sat across from Orla and had to look at a pen moving from side to side all the while not moving my head. I then closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The first question she ... Read More

Reiki Teacher

I find Orla to be honest, trustworthy, authentic and truly spiritual, attributes that I would find essential in a teacher on my own spiritual path. She is lots of fun too.                    


Pre and Postnatal Care for Mum and Baby

Orla Foley is a very skilled and experienced therapist, who has a great range of skills that can be applied in different circumstances. Orla has worked with my whole family – with excellent results every time. I go back to her again and again, she has great integrity and is a very very confident in what she does.                   



I have attended Kincora Therapy for both Bowen sessions and for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Orla has a fabulous approach in both versatility of her skills/services offered and ability to adapt to the Clients needs. Aside from above she is a genuinely nice person who is always focused on making sure you feel at ease. The Bowen sessions always left me with a fantastic sense of wellbeing. EMDR as best I can try and explain what I understand of how it works, is a treatment that hel... Read More

Autism Diagnosis

Having visited Orla several time I’m seeing changes in my 8 year autistic son Dara which sometimes I never thought possible. Before therapy Dara was living with extreme anxiety and his body was rigid and always cold. He would spend his time isolated, reading books and walking around unco-ordinated like a “drunk” man. It was like his nervous system was frazzled and raw, his perception of everything was out of sync, spaces were too small, voices loud, textures extreme. Amid his confusion we could see he was a ... Read More

Soundwave Bed

I spent the early part of my young adult life obtaining an education that would enable me to work in some very fine hospitals, clinics and medical rehabilitation facilities. The patients in those places were people who had injuries or illness that necessitated treatment by a variety of highly skilled physicians, nurses and therapists. I also worked in a couple of excellent Universities, training young people in those areas. That was followed by a period of writing and editing textbooks and scientific papers all fo... Read More

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